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Aida is seedling of Maui Beauty. The pollen parent is Aztec Gold. Aida produces very large, delicate blossoms of white and pink with an enormous golden center. What’s unique about her coloration is that the golden center turns to a vivid burnt orange after a day. The result is a large inflorescence full of flowers which vary in coloration and provide a lovely contrast to one another. The blossoms are around 4+ inches. Some are as large as 5 inches on a mature plant. Aida flowers very heavily. Each season, our mother tree produces flowers on almost every branch tip. The effect is quite showy as the tree seems to almost burst into flower all at once. This is one plant that the camera just doesn’t provide the full effect. The flowers also have a sweet peach fragrance. The tree can grow to a good size, but is not “heavy boned” like so many others. This is a lovely seedling of which we are most proud of here at BBB.  Aida is named for my beautiful Aunt Aida Starks whom we all miss for her loving nature and openheartedness for all people.  ROOTED Plants (not grafted)—– 13″-17″ from the soil line.

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