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Requirements for International Orders

We do accept international orders providing the following criteria are followed:

  • Currently we only ship PLUMERIA/FRANGIPANI plants and seeds internationally.
  • There is a $300 minimum PLANT order (before shipping).
  • There is no minimum order amount for seeds.
  • Plumeria seeds are exempt from special restrictions in most countries, but this is not guaranteed, so please make sure this is the case for yours.
  • Please note:  we have had to cease shipping seeds to Australia due to restrictions by the Australian govt.  As of April 28, 2022 all seeds entering Australia must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate:  https://www.awe.gov.au/biosecurity-trade/pests-diseases-weeds/plant/khapra-beetle/requirements-for-seeds Unfortunately, scheduling an inspector to visit the nursery and issue a phytosanitary certificate for every seed order would be too costly and time consuming.  If the Australian govt. decides in the future to relax or overturn this regulation, we will be happy to resume shipping seeds there.
  • For PLANT orders, you must provide us with a current and valid Import Permit from your country (if required by your country).  Seed orders do not usually require an import permit.
  • You must be able to tell us any special requirements your country may have concerning the importation of plants.  Example: Australia requires all plants be sent under the name of the purchaser to the closest Quarantine Station, where they are planted and observed for a period of a few months until they can be released to the buyer. They may NOT be sent directly to the buyers home address.
  • Does your country require a Phyto-Sanitary Certificate from the United States be included in the shipment? What special arrangements must be made? As we cannot know the requirements of every country, and, the fact that many rules change each year, the buyers should take responsibility to find out what is required in order to receive plants in his/her country.
  • Phyto-Sanitary Certificate and any other special arrangements are paid by the buyer.
  • Phyto-Sanitary Certificate must be purchased before plants may be released to you.
  • International orders will be sent Global Express Mail/EMS or Priority Mail International with tracking number.
    All international orders will be sent with insurance to insure against loss in the mail.  Please understand that we cannot be responsible for losses and damages to your plant or seed orders due to any possible negligence or mishaps caused by the postal services or the importing authorities and/or plant inspectors of your country.  Also, please be aware that the cost of the phytosanitary certificate and postage to ship your plants is not insurable, and therefore is also non-refundable, should the need to file a loss claim arise. 
  • EU Customers please note:  WE DO NOT COLLECT VAT (Value Added Tax) at the time of purchase.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to pay this to your Customs authorities when your plants arrive in your country.  If you do not pay this tax, your plants may not be released or may be delayed by your authorities.

We package very carefully and thoughtfully to ensure the best conditions for your plants and seeds while in transit. However, please understand that we cannot assume any responsibility for plants or seeds once they leave the USA.  Postal insurance will be included on all orders to insure against loss.

Packaging of Plants for International Shipment

We have found that the best way, especially for longer in transit times for plant shipments, that using an all natural, organic anti-transpirant solution is most effective. This seals in the plants moisture and the plumeria needs no water and can be wrapped in dry newspaper for up to two weeks, with no ill effects. Also, for countries that fumigate their plants upon arrival, this treatment has proven most effective in protecting the plants from the terrible effects of Methyl Bromide, which is widely used in countries like Australia. One recent shipment to Australia was about two weeks due to blunders by the carrier, and, the plants were treated with methyl bromide upon arrival to Customs in Cairns. The plants made it through Quarantine a few months later with no unusual or noteworthy losses and the customer was very happy with the results. Treatments as such is provided free of charge to international customers. However, if you want the roots wrapped in moist paper and then in plastic as many shippers still do, that is okay, but, please specify your wishes in this matter when you order.

Packaging-Shipping Time

Please allow 10 days to process your order as various requirements such as phyto-sanitary certificate can require setting an appointment at the convenience of the USDA Inspection team in Orlando, which is also approximately 40 miles from our location. They are not always able to see us right away and it may be a few days before we can get them to inspect your plants. Also, your plants must be selected, then cleaned, treated, and packaged for shipping. Please be patient as we like to do things right the first time to avoid problems later on.

We thank our international customers and look forward to meeting and serving you!

– Brad & Brian