Dwarf Singapore Pink


Dwarf Singapore Pink

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If you want a lovely evergreen plumeria that requires little space, can easily be kept at 4 feet tall, and, in a planter, then this is your plumeria! This is It: Dwarf Pink Singapore. She produces 3″ pinwheel shaped, pale pink flowers with a tiny yellow eye, and a lovely, strong, sweet fragrance. The leaves are a beautiful, deep, shiny green. ROOTED Plants–NOT Grafted– averaging in size from 12-14 inches, measured from the soil line. Bushy, ROOTED, not grafted,  plants–most with multiple tips, but all sold at one tip price.

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1 review for Dwarf Singapore Pink

  1. dyhtbethlynn

    Bought this late last summer. It stayed green all winter and it’s growing great.

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