Mary Helen Eggenberger- 5 Seeds!


Mary Helen Eggenberger- 5 Seeds!

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This prolific seed bearing and gorgeous variety is a must have in any garden. A super bumper crop of seeds allows us to offer these on sale in large numbers.

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4 reviews for Mary Helen Eggenberger- 5 Seeds!

  1. Trang

    These seeds are very healthy. I have 11 new babies to take care of from my batch. Germination took place between about a week and a week and a half for me.

  2. Michelle Buffham

    SUCCESS! 8 out of 10 produced a seedling, healthy and growing like a weed. Can’t wait for the bloom!

  3. kivie.cahnlipman

    I ordered five M.H.E. seeds and received eight! By the first two weeks, three had sprouted, and within another week there were three more. All six are growing very tall very quickly, and they seem to be in good shape after being re-potted. (I also ordered Fire Blast seeds, and they don’t seem to have their own page anymore, so I’ll note here that 3/5 germinated, somewhat slower, but they’re looking great!)

  4. Diana

    I purchased 5 seeds and received 6. They ALL sprouted and are super healthy. They are FAST growing plumeria. I am pretty surprised how fast they’re growing. Excellent. I can’t wait to see if the flowers match the parent.

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