Strawberry Waterfalls- 5 Seeds


Strawberry Waterfalls- 5 Seeds

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A most unusual plumeria with a hanging, pendulant inflorescence.

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3 reviews for Strawberry Waterfalls- 5 Seeds

  1. cleanmrauto

    I ordered these seeds on June 1, 2018 and I planted each one of them. Each of my strawberry waterfall seedlings sprouted within 7 days. Out of all my seedlings they are beasts! They are growing so quickly and they have surpassed a four month old seedling that I had from the South Texas Botanical Gardens. I am in love with Strawberry Waterfall seedling!!!!!

  2. V. Martin

    I ordered these with two other varieties. They arrived very quickly and germination rates were fantastic! I’m new to plumeria seeds so I’ve had other issues crop and I’ve lost a few seedlings as a result, but those are gardener’s error, not a wrongdoing on the part of the seller. I’ll definitely buy again.

  3. JayBee

    Quite happy! 100% germination.

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