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Growing Plumeria Seeds


Growing plumeria from seed can be fun and gratifying as long you don’t mind waiting an average of 3 to 5 years for blooms. Growing from seed is the only way to produce new and different cultivars. Germinating plumeria seeds is not difficult and the seedlings are easy to grow.

However, though it’s fairly common knowledge in the plumeria world, if you are new to growing seeds please be aware that plumeria grown from seeds are seedlings and not the original cultivar.  Seedlings are not guaranteed to bloom the same as the parent plant.  In fact, many people enjoy buying seeds because they either aren’t particular about the traits that they’ll get with the new seedling or because they look forward to seeing what new or unusual traits that they may receive.  Many new & beautiful cultivars have originated from seedlings.   Although seedlings may contain traits of the parent plant, it’s always best to buy the named hybrid plant if you wish to be guaranteed to receive the same traits.