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This plant has special meaning to us as it is named for my Mother, Miriam. Like my Mom was, she is a simple beauty. While she was with us, she liked this plant a lot. I would often ask her, “Don’t you want us to name something really spectacular and extremely unique after you?” She always said she loved the cheerful colors and lovely, strong, sweet and somewhat citrusy scent of this pretty plumeria and, liked it having her name. Miriam is a strikingly pretty little rainbow plant–I say little, because it tends to be pretty compact. The growth habit tends to start out shooting up a little long and tall, then, suddenly, she starts producing lots of very short tips, sort of like Pink Pansy. The original tree is shaped like an pitchfork with lots of small tipped branches all over the upper third of the tree, having branched twice near its base as a small seedling. The mother plant is 10 years old and topped out at right around 6.5 feet tall–she now mostly grows outward instead of upward—quite compact. She came to us in a pack of seeds from Thailand back in 2005. The flowers are around 2.5″-3″ and consist of gold, orange, white, and some reddish pink. With maximum color conditions (heat–etc.), each flower gets a star-like effect with a single little orange line coming from the center, almost to the end of each petal. The description “Cheerful” is very accurate and, it also describes my Mother Miriam’s temperament.  ROOTED CUTTINGS—-NOT GRAFTED—-12″-15″ measured from the soil line. Please note: this plant needs lots of sun and good heat to properly color up.

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