Clare Corre- Grafted


Clare Corre- Grafted

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This exceptional and naturally striped-petal beauty was named by its developer, Kukiat Tanteeratarm of Thailand, for a mutual friend of his and mine–a fitting tribute to one who has also contributed much of her knowledge and time to helping other growers starting out in plumeria. ‘Clare Corre’ is but one of a small group of select and spectacular hybrids that have an all-natural and consistent striping or heavy venation that is NOT a result of a virus, but of a lucky chance of genetics. The coloration is consistent and not dependent on any special conditions. Grafted plants,–avg. height. 13″-16″ measured from the soil line.

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  1. www.jstcatcrazy

    Very nice graft big strong roots eagerly awaiting spring.

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