Musk Rainbow aka George Brown- A True Classic!


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Musk Rainbow aka George Brown- A True Classic!


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This is, in our opinion, the very best plumeria to ever come from Australia. It is unique in that is contains brown in the petals, complemented most gorgeously by purple edges and a red-orange center. The combination of colors is visually thrilling. Some days the colors sizzle with intensity–others they simmer down and present an almost pastel appearance.The flowers are about 3.5 inches wide and have a sweet fragrance. The tree is believed to be a seedling of Penang Peach due to its compact growth habit and leaves. In any case this is one that is hard to get ahold of in any numbers and this year I was lucky to get more than the usual two or three. This is one that NO collection should be without!  Rooted plants (not grafted) – averaging 12-14″ measured from the soil line. Demand is extremely high and these plants tend to sell out quickly.

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