Sanguine Elite

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Sanguine Elite

$119.95 $99.95

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One of this year’s special hybrids from Dr. Kukiat in Thailand!  It was recently renamed by Kukiat as Sanguine Elite. Previously it had been called China Doll(a name Kukiat didn’t like) and only its seeds were ever released from this plant until now. This gorgeous plumeria produces lovely, full clusters of 3.5″ blooms with a fabulously sweet fragrance. The colors are simply sizzling!  The thick petaled flowers are a hot red color which often appears almost orange in bright light. Petals tend to have a lighter gold or whitish streak down their centers. Like most Thai plumerias, the hotter the temperature, the more intense the coloration. When temps are cooler, the fiery orange-red is a darker red with some orange highlights along with the tell-tale white stripe in each petal. We have included pics of cooler weather coloration and hotter weather coloration of this plant. A most vivid cultivar and worth being in any collection! Grafted plants  16″-24″ tall measured from the soil line. This is an EXCLUSIVE RELEASE to us from Kukiat in Thailand. As his Representatives here, we are the ONLY authorized seller of this plant in the USA and you will not find it anywhere else but Brad’s Buds and Blooms.

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