Marble Ice Cream- A Rare Beauty! Rooted Plants


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Marble Ice Cream- A Rare Beauty! Rooted Plants


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One of our most beautiful, unique, and exclusive offerings developed by the well-known and respected plumeria hybridizer, Kukiat Tanteeratarm. This beautiful cultivar produces lovely, somewhat cupped, pale pink and white blooms with a fantastic and dramatic deep red striping, and, an orange throat. This striping is NOT the result of a virus! It is genetic (a chimera) and consistent in each and every flower. The blossoms measure at appx 3″ wide. Of course, they also come with a lovely, sweet fresh fragrance. Another interesting thing about this plant is that on mature trees, the branches develop a deep purplish coloration! So uniquely cool! Marble Ice Cream is one of two of the world’s very first striped plumeria varieties, both of which come from Kukiat (the other is Fantasia). This is a much anticipated return offering for this year by those that are familiar with Kukiat’s beautiful and unique hybrids. The attached picture is an excellent representation of the flowers you can expect from an established specimen. You will not find this plant any place else as the release of this beauty has been carefully coordinated with us. Brad’s Buds and Blooms is the only entity with direct authorization and permission from the grower, Kukiat, to receive from him— and— to sell this plant in the USA. ROOTED–not Grafted– PLANTS –avg 13″-16″ tall from soil line.

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