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This is another most rare, beautiful, unique, and exclusive release by the well-known and respected plumeria hybridizer, Kukiat Tanteeratarm. This beautiful cultivar produces lovely magenta-pink blooms with a purplish swirl in the center of each petal upon opening, and, an orange throat. The mature flowers retain the magenta pink color, but then form a lovely white striping down the center of each petal. The name Edelstein means “Gemstone” in German and is pronounced like “Eydullshteyn” (Not “Eydalsteen”, but rather the “ei” is an “I” sound like in the word “Eye” in English).The blossoms measure at appx 3.5″- 4″ wide. Of course, they also come with a lovely, sweet jasmine fragrance. We are also proud of the fact that we had the privilege to name this plant for Kukiat. ROOTED PLANTS—- NOT GRAFTED—13-16″ tall, measured from the soil line.


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