Dwarf Tropical Paradise- New for 2020!


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Dwarf Tropical Paradise- New for 2020!


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This is a beautiful and true dwarf plumeria. It can easily be kept at around 4 feet tall at maturity making it also ideal for growing in a pot on a sunny patio as well. The interesting thing with this beauty is that the inflorescences of gorgeous 3″, deep pink to cherry red blossoms are almost as big as the branches that bear them. This is also a prolific bloomer. Kukiat in Thailand is extremely proud of this cultivar and says it is without a doubt, his best dwarf.  The flowers are not only showy, but have a lovely sweet fragrance. Colorful true dwarf plumerias are still not that common. This one is a real winner in our book! Grafted plants 10″-13″ tall, measured from the soil line. You will not find this plant for sale with any other grower or seller. This is an exclusive new release from Dr. Kukiat Tanteeratarm in Thailand through Brad’s Buds and Blooms into the USA.

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