Black Purple- Limited! Grafted Plants


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Black Purple- Limited! Grafted Plants


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NO–the color of the flower in the picture is in no way photoshopped or enhanced! Ask anyone who has visited our nursery and marveled at this beauty blooming. The name for this plant in Thai is “Muang Anchan” which means “Purple Ultra-Violet. This unique and rare beauty produces nice clusters of deep, dark plum-purple colored, medium size flowers. The overlapping, oval petals are dark purple, with hints of black venation and golden-orange towards center; turning to bluish purple-pink with age. The fragrance is of cinnamon red-hot candies. This is among the most unique variety Thai varieties–and probably in the Top 5 Most Uniquely Beautiful plumerias we have ever seen due to its special and rare coloration. This is the most purple of so many so-called purple plumerias we have grown because, when temperatures are hot and you give the inflorescences just a little bit of shade from the hottest afternoon sun, the flower petals will dazzle you with their awesome purple coloration. In other words, when in bloom, move this plumeria to a partial shade–up to 30% shade location for best coloration, otherwise sun will fade the colors quickly.  GRAFTED Plants——13″-16” tall, measured from the soil line. LIMITED! The demand for this plumeria has grown tremendously so grab one while you can!

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