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Cooktown Queen–AKA Wishy-Washy


Cooktown Queen–AKA Wishy-Washy


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This beautiful flower is also known as Cooktown Queen. Originally, it was named Wishy-Washy because of it’s unusual habit of color change of the blooms due to cooler or warmer temperatures. Flowers that open in warmer weather are a deep, silzzling pink with a swirl of gold, orange, and red in the center. However, those that open in cooler weather, are a total, yet very pretty pastel version. It is curious to see this, especially on days of fluctuating weather, whereby one notes flowers of such variance together on the same inflorescence. Blooms are around 3.5- 4 inches wide and have a sweet fragrance. Nice sized, ROOTED PLANTS—–NOT GRAFTED– avg size 13-16″ tall measured from the soil line.

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