Tropical Aurora- Extremely Rare–5 Seeds


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Tropical Aurora- Extremely Rare–5 Seeds

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This variety is a hybrid developed by Kukiat Tanterrartam near Bangkok Thailand. It is considered by many people to be superior to Musk Rainbow, another variety with some purple in it. This plant is a seedling of Penang Peach. The petals are quite unique in that they also have an interesting and consistent streaking, akin to very thin brushstrokes throughout the petal surface. Though the plant has not been released to anyone as of yet, I am able to offer a few seeds obtained directly from Kukiat for sale here.

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4 reviews for Tropical Aurora- Extremely Rare–5 Seeds

  1. Evito

    Perfect. 100% germination in 22 days. Nice stocky seedlings.

  2. Mary Kirst

    Always 100% germination. Excellent.

  3. Beach Lorax

    100% germination in 9 days.

  4. laurence_lhoest

    100% germination rate.

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